Bette's Living Sky High in Tower 12

Thirty four floors above the Seattle skyline, ‘Bette’s' living the high life in the penthouse of Tower 12 Apartments. Built by Continental Properties, this exclusive rental community features a prime location in the downtown core with views of Pike Place Market and the Olympic Mountains.

The penthouses here are bright and airy with a monochrome palette. ‘Bette’ offers a modern grey look with plenty of character. She fits in well with a luxurious crowd but remains low maintenance. Not what you’d expect of someone in such high places!


A fun mix of patterns combined with pops of metals and pale pinks bring a playful side to this penthouse design. The main work of art however, happens to be the panoramic views of downtown Seattle’s harbor front. ‘Bette’ won’t tire of that anytime soon!


To learn more about 'Bette' from Evoke's Vinyl Composite Core Collection click here.

Check out Continental Properties here and the Tower 12 website here.

Photography by Bryony Groeneveld.