Custom Programs

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Evoke Flooring

Made-to-Order Flooring

Order Flooring That Meets Your Exact Specifications

There is no shortage of selection when choosing flooring from Evoke. We offer flooring with so much variation in cores, visuals, colors, widths, patterns, and more. But if you need a unique solution to check every box on your specifications list, don't compromise on performance, durability, or aesthetics. Instead, work with us to create, and we'll create a custom solution matching all your requirements.

Our custom flooring program allows you to:

  • Mix & Match Options
    Pick from our current flooring inventory, or opt for a complete custom flooring solution.
  • Customize Features
    Choose from a long list of features, including cores, installation systems, wear layers, visuals, attached underlayment, and thousands of feature combinations.
  • Fit Fulfilment to Your Schedule
    Plan your fulfillment schedule around a short lead time for minor customization or a longer lead time for fully custom flooring solutions.
  • Stock Up and Prevent Product Shortages and Delays
    A minimum order is required for all custom flooring orders. The order quantity varies depending on the amount of customization requested.
  • Work with an Experienced Fulfillment Partner
    With our reputation for delivering high-quality flooring products, you can be sure you'll receive the best product with service to match.
  • Achieve Compliance
    With the implementation of Clean Floors, a comprehensive quality assurance and environmental compliance program, you can rest assured the flooring you receive complies with all industry, government, and environmental regulations.

Contact us to learn more about requesting a custom flooring solution.