Let's Get Personal

Evoke Vinyl Composite Core 'Max'

Bold, meet beautiful. Classic, meet contemporary. Practicality, meet personality. Say hello to the most eclectic collection of flooring you're ever likely to meet:  Evoke.  From European styling to vintage finishes, these aren’t just floors; they’re personalities that you’ll love to walk all over.

Evoke has a floor for every taste, every room, and every budget. Choose from a stunning selection of premium quality laminate, luxury vinyl and vinyl composite core flooring.  They're all premium quality, with best in class features and warranties - and style to spare!  Some are familiar, and others are new, but each can work a room.

So if you’re looking to find a sole mate, this is a step in the right direction. They’re all here: the artists, the trendsetters, the well traveled. But they don’t need us to tell you their life story. Floors with this much personality can speak for themselves.  So come on in and get acquainted!