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Clean Like A Pro

Pro Series Therapy floor care and maintenance products keep your Evoke flooring looking its best.

Regular sweeping and vacuuming are sufficient to keep Evoke floors clean. For a more thorough cleaning, we recommend following the manufacturer's instructions. Metropolitan, manufacturer and distributor of Evoke flooring, recommends Pro Series Therapy products, specifically Pro Series Therapy cleanser.

Pro Series Therapy Cleanser effectively cleans Evoke luxury vinyl, laminate, rigid core, and SurgeĀ® flooring. The cleanser's formulation removes oils deposited onto the floor during food preparation, by bare feet, from aerosol sprays, and more. No matter the source, oils can make a floor sticky and act as a magnet for dirt.   

Along with regular sweeping and furniture pads, Pro Series Therapy cleanser gently removes built-up oils, maintaining your flooring's protective coating and beauty.
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