Evoke - Autumn 23 / Winter 24

Lookbook • AW23

Evoke - Autumn 23 / Winter 24

Evoke - Larimer

A real workaholic, Larimer is often found in the office, but looks just as good chilling at home.

In this photo:
Larimer 2.5. Part of our Main Street 2.5 collection.
Evoke - Donna

Donna knows making a good impression starts with a grand entrance.

In this photo:
Donna. Part of our Vivid collection.
Evoke - Elijah

Of course Elijah will charm guests in your grand living areas. But don’t be surprised to see how well he works in all parts of your home.

In this photo:
Elijah . Part of our Dunes collection.
Evoke - Eric

Eric doesn’t know downward dogs or warrior poses. He does know about looking downright gorgeous for years to come.

In this photo:
Eric. Part of our Solis collection.
Evoke - Jesslyn

Cozy, warm and susceptible to long bouts of shameless chilling, Jesslyn thrives in comfortable environments.

Evoke - Lakey

Lakey is like that friend who dresses in timeless vintage clothes but still somehow looks absolutely, wonderfully on-trend.

Evoke - Lucy

Lucy is delicate, light and beautiful. And on top of all that, she’s pretty tough too.

In this photo:
Lucy P. Part of our Montane Trail collection.
Evoke - Robson

Why do kids love Robson? Maybe because he’s tough, dependable and always ready to play.

In this photo:
Robson 2.5. Part of our Main Street 2.5 collection.
In this photo:
Murray. Part of our Rivers collection.
In this photo:
Taylor. Part of our Canyon collection.